The National Peace Corps Association (NPCA) offers local NGOs access to short-term technical expertise from volunteer corporate consultants through the Cultural Agility Leadership Lab (CALL) program, implemented in partnership with Northeastern University.

Below are some of our future program ​requests for assistance.  Priority is given to NGOs aligned with Peace Corps programs or those founded or supported by Returned Peace Corps Volunteers (PCVs).

If you would like more information on joining us as an NGO partner, please fill out our NGO Contact Us form

If your organization would like to be considered for receiving technical assistance please fill out our NGO Request form

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NGO request from Colombia


This Nonprofit Organization Partner focuses on three main subjects: habitat, heritage, and entrepreneurship.



  • Marketing & Communications Strategy - Overall strategic planning and support, and unification of our webpages and social network profiles. The main website has been neglected because staff don’t have wordpress training.

  • Crowdfunding - This partner has a huge network, but they do not know how to create campaigns that really cause an impact. They have two specific campaigns to crowdfund soon:

    • A self-built wooden house model for resilient urban communities (if they self fund the model house, the state will definitely implement their model).

    • Rebuilding a bus. Both Engineers Without ​Borders, and Habitat Without Borders will come and help on the projects, but crowdfunding the materials would really make these projects viable.


​This Nonprofit Organization Partner was founded with the main objective of improving individual and collective skills, looking forward to a better life. It was created in 2007, and has been operating in Cartagena, Colombia as well as along the outskirts of the region (including some rural areas in the departments of Bolivar and Sucre). 

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CALL — Cultural Agility Leadership Lab — is a partnership between the National Peace Corps Association and Northeastern University’s D’Amore-McKim School of Business that infuses international corporate volunteer and pro bono advisor programs with the deep cross-cultural understanding and flexibility for which Peace Corps Volunteers have long been known.