The National Peace Corps Association (NPCA) offers local NGOs access to short-term technical expertise from volunteer corporate consultants through the Cultural Agility Leadership Lab (CALL) program, implemented in partnership with Northeastern University.

Below are some of our future program ​requests for assistance.  Priority is given to NGOs aligned with Peace Corps programs or those founded or supported by Returned Peace Corps Volunteers (PCVs).

If you would like more information on joining us as an NGO partner, please fill out our NGO Contact Us form

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NGO request from Thailand

The organization is a multi-award winning non-profit social enterprise, pioneering the applications of mentorship for leadership development in South East Asia. ​They achieve their mission by offering mentorship and innovative financing options for completing university education to high potential women. The organization is still very much a lean start-up organization that aims to innovate and learn quickly in order to continuously improve what we do.


The organization unlocks the leadership potential of women in Asia by providing inspiring mentorship and access to innovative financing options so that they can complete their higher education and become change-makers in their countries.


Financial management
Marketing and communications
Information technology


The ideal consultant can think creatively about solutions and be able and willing to do high level strategy design but also roll up his/her sleeves to get the job done. ​The organization is an output-driven organization that is highly collaborative yet individually accountable - consultants should be able to drive an idea forward while being respectful of the different context, culture and team capabilities with which they may be working in.

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CALL — Cultural Agility Leadership Lab — is a partnership between the National Peace Corps Association and Northeastern University’s D’Amore-McKim School of Business that infuses international corporate volunteer and pro bono advisor programs with the deep cross-cultural understanding and flexibility for which Peace Corps Volunteers have long been known.