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Develop Cultural Agility, Enhance Social Responsibility, and Win the Future through International Corporate Volunteerism

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Top 7 Reasons Every Company Needs an International Corporate Volunteerism Program

Cultural-Agility-Leadership-Lab-eBook-cover-thumbnailEmerging markets play a critical role in most firms’ future growth. Is your business prepared? Are your people?  

Do you have leaders who can be effective in different countries and with people from different cultures? 

Learn the basics of cultural agility and why international corporate volunteerism is an effective way to build a robust pipeline of successful global professionals.

Discover how to select a service provider that can develop the best possible program for your organization, one that will enable your associates to build critical cross-cultural competencies, gain knowledge of emerging markets, and increase their engagement and retention.

Whether you are a CEO, an HR leader, or any member of the leadership team, this eBook is a must-read for tips on how to win the global future for your company.

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