CALL is your full service International Corporate Volunteerism (ICV) & Global Pro Bono Advisory Partner

CALL ICV and pro bono advisory programs are structured individually, based on your organization’s business and CSR goals, HR employee development objectives and capacity. Our goal is to maximize the value and impact of your corporate international volunteerism initiatives by addressing and navigating the key facets of a project from start to finish. The Northeastern University and National Peace Corps Association advantage is that you gain a partner with existing processes, relationships and experience that is uniquely capable to plan and execute successful, mutually beneficial, international volunteering programs.

Benefits of CALL as an Implementation ​Partner

  • Guidance in establishing objectives based on corporate criteria, capacity and competencies
  • Identification and matching of NGO partner through NPCA’s global network
  • Creating the structure of the program with measurable goals for both the firm and NGO
  • Utilizing diagnostic and evaluation tools, on-boarding selected volunteers 
  • Coordinating logistics and local placement for volunteers
  • Managing the NGO relationship
  • Assigning local support and mentors through Returned Peace Corps Volunteers (RPCVs)
  • Providing development, progress and learning tools for volunteers during assignment 
  • Overseeing reintegration of volunteers post assignment with follow-up support, analysis and recommendations
Recommended participants and timeframe

CALL programs can be designed for a targeted group of high-potential talent or designed to accept applications, open to employees more broadly. In-country assignments can be structured for the duration in-country that is most acceptable to your organization. For example, the program can be structured as part of a rotational program where participants serve between rotations when their absence would not be disruptive. Because our ICV programs are tailored to the needs and objectives of your organization, CALL can develop longer term, intermittent or staggered in-country experiences with the partner NGO so that the program is effective and feasible for both parties. 

Human Resource Development, Engagement, and Retention

ICV programs have a tremendous benefit for talent. They enhance organizational attractiveness, making it easier to recruit critical talent globally. Well-designed ICV programs increase employee engagement long after the service has been completed. These IVC programs, when designed well, also build cross-cultural competencies and cultural agility among participants – faster and more cost effectively than international assignments/relocation and university-based programs alone. 

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